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Almost two months since I started my education at Hyper Island. Motion Creative @ Karlskrona it is!

At this point we are beginning to dig into raw program skills, but it hasn’t always been like that. Since the first days, HI was very keen about to give us a solid understanding of both the program foundations as well as the HI way. This includes a complete unique mentality for learning and group behaviour.

Going through the HI way week was more fun than I had in a while. The new faces in my education are all super inspiring and bring different talents to the board. After several team building exercises and development sessions we are now working in smaller “agencies”. Together with real – world clients or on individual briefs.

Additional workshops and geek nights have helped to get a better understanding of the materia, yet I feel I need more space for my own development and personal projects.

Since documentation is somewhat mandatory, I decided to combine it with my individual projects on my web page. I will therefore add another tab in the menu for documenting my learning outcomes.

The culture is great, we work close together with our industry leaders and I am looking forward to learn more about film and motion design.

Why Illustrators need Punk!

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Punk was before my time. I never really listened or cared for it. Prior to hip-hop being hip. Which is all well and good, but you would be forgiven for asking what everything has to to with Computer Arts, and the challenges and opportunities designers are facing today.

Well these days I spend a lot of time thinking about punk. Not so much the punk rock music genre. I care more for proto punk or post-punk in that regard. It’s the creative energy and attitude of punk itself that excites me. Punk the cultural movement. I even like the word. Punk. Punk. Punk.

Politically charged, the punk movement possessed an anti-establishment restless energy, anger and frustration that had an impact on the world around it. Punk  didn’t accept the way things were; it shoved, searched and screamed for difference. For change. Always a unique, creative, artistic and destructive, yet oddly constructive way. Perhaps it never knew what it was shouting for, but did so all the same. I love that. Do it anyway. It sure as hell didn’t do as it was told, or care about the rules.

I think much of design today all looks the same. Especially digital work. It follows politely, safely, respectfully. Driven by digital systems, asset libraries or a grid. The Grid. That’s strange indeed, because while technology does have a tendency to make our behaviour a little systemised and robotic, it also provides us with fantastic and easy-to-use-tools. Digital culture is open source by nature, open to mods and hackers alike. It’s a remix culture of smashed references, a so called mash-up.

Creativity happens uninvited and can be disruptive. The punk in yesterday’s garage could be the digital- focused designer in a studio. IF we would just stop following the rules.

The world needs punk. It needs fresh- dangerous ideas, because the excisting ones are clearly not working. The job of a designer is to solve problems, and we’ve got those queuing up. There has never been a better time to be a designer and never been easier to re-imagine how the world works. Do it your own way, don’t try to please. Break the rules, create beautifully and striking different.

Hyper Island Digital Media Creative Admissions Day Stockholm Part 2

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Back to the roots!! Finally arrived in Munich after a sweet trip from Copenhagen.

About the personal creative task, I actually kept my sketch sheets. I inserted one, so you could follow my work flow. As you can see I remade the square of the submission sheet to finalize my concept. Seems like a good tip, made everything a lot smoother in the end.


After lunch was the group switch and the interview followed after a long waiting period. The dialogue was a lot of fun. Very personal. It seemed to me that basic questions were hidden within the creative, asked ones. I.e. “If ten of your friends and yourself would build a treehouse, which role would you take/be.” That way we can offer a better understanding of our creative thought process plus the obvious answer as well. Unlike many people felt it would be better to face these questions unprepared, I still feel that solid lines and background information were a big plus. Then try to be yourself and feel comfy, they want to know you and find the right mind set, not skill set.

The program presentation by some of the current DMC students were very inspiring and only stressed our opinion on joining HI. The main language is english due to the client and international student traffic. With so many different backgrounds, HI becomes a very versatile and unique place and creates its own creative atmosphere.

For the group task we had to invent our own dream company.We would start brainstorming alone to later group up and “mash-up” the ideas. Finding yourself within a leadership or passive role is tricky. Try to mix things up to become a flexible and valuable group member. Sometimes it is on you to take the initiative.

After a quick presentation we would discuss our feelings about the project and how we felt it turned out to be. We noticed that all found their part, but some got overheared since there was so much input throughout the whole project. It was necessary to stick to your opinion if you felt it was good.

As already mentioned, an amazing experience and definately an event that got me more thirsty for upcoming HI adventures. As far as we were informed, the results are published around midsummer. Looking forward to it!

Hyper Island Digital Media Creative Admissions Day Stockholm Part 1

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Finally managed to settle my feelings after an incredible experience at Hyper Island Stockholms Digital Media Creative Admission Day. I left satisfied and the application is now complete. Around the 23rd of June is when I will know if mission “Moving to Stockholm” was succesful or not. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Getting to Telefoplan was no big deal, more to find the place where all the magic would happen. Take the C elevator or ask at the reception if you’re unsure.

First impression: lots and lots of different people, colors and clothes. All friendly and ready for a smalltalk or two. By the time whe should enter the presentation room I was already involved in many dialogues. (Try to avoid too much coffee!)
Jeffery, the Gandalf of HI, also in charge of the application process, gave us an early introduction about the Admissions Day and made sure everyone was there.

Schedule was as followed:

– Introduction
– Personal task/ interview
(swap & lunch)
– Interview/ personal task
– Student presentations
– Group task

Pretty swiftly and straight forward were we divided into two big groups, I guess we were all in all about 50 people. I was part of the second group and had to start off with my personal creative task. Students gave us a short introduction and divided us again in groups of five. Our warm up would be to brainstorm words associated with a certain human need on each whiteboard. After a few minutes we rotated to the next one until we were done.

For the personal task we picked a human need and a few words to create a so called Mash Up which would refer to the human need and the associated ones. We were provided with all materials you could imagine and 90 minutes to create a tech – idea which would work around the mash up. In my case, I picked: Tsunami, Sea Level and Survival. Which resulted in a product I called Floating Finley. Now the fin in finley actually refered to a solar panel which looked like a fin from the side. It would turn towards the sun to charge its battery. It is divided in two parts connected with isolated cables. Part one is floating with air tanks on the surface of the water and connected with a satellite through GPS. Part two was heavy and instantly sunk towards the bottom, rolling out the cables to measure the sea level. Also to drill a small seismic sensor into the ground.
If an eartquake occures and causes a tsunami, the Floating Fin could quickly send messages to the satellite before releasing its air and sinking towards the calm bottom. The message would cause alerts at the nearby coasts and also tweet its twitter account in order to prevent more casualties.

After sketching for 70 minutes and figuring my idea out, I started to visualize my idea on the work sheet.
Finishing everything exactly at the 90 minute mark was satisfying and left me with a good feeling. We met up and headed out for lunch to get ourselves input from the interview and a well deserved break.

Part 2 coming soon, feel free to ask if there are any questions about the Admissions Day!


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A week ago, when I spent my spare time in Italy, I got the delighting mail from Hyper Island that I am invited to their admissions day in Stockholm. How awesome is that?!!

First of all, of course my mail had to come later than usual and others already began to post their screenshots in the group. After like an hour I contacted the admission staff and in fact I still was to receive my invitation.

The 20th of May is the day, 8 hours long and three different parts. Interview, creative task for myself and a group task. Since I have to expect some weird questions from Hyper, there is not much for to prepare. Just keep the creativity going.

Actually have a good feeling about this, wish me luck!

Art School Application 2016 Part 3

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Applying for the Digital Media Creative Program at Hyper Island.
The Refumee Program

Thinking out of the box and focusing on the German/ European refugee situation.

My main goals were to solve security issues, as well as a succesfull integration for new refugees.

The enormous amount of asylum seekers hit Europe unprepared, leaving few countries with the big responsibility of care taking instead of solving the crisis united. Lost documents and fake IDs give the borders a hard time guaranteeing Europes security, also for our refugees. Currently around 30% travel through Europe without proper registration which led me to an introduction of a new way of identification.

Sharing refugees on a certain base percentage per country does not only achieve a more stable situation within Europe, but also leaves funds for a more focused and successful integration of our refugees by setting up centers for social exchange and educational lectures.

Taking part in these activities will be rewarded with points saved on the magnet chip on the card, which later can be converted to useful things, making life easier and providing motivation to keep staying on the right track.

Finding a first job, seen as the second part of successful integration can be exhausting and hopeless if not supported. Many immigrants already have a higher education but only have few chances to make a living.
Saving and publishing statistics online makes it easier for companies to get in touch with refugees.
Experienced refugees will have the opportunity to hand on their knowledge by leading and supporting Refumee centers with their fellow comrades.

Art School Application 2016 Part 2

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Some time has passed and I can tell that applying to Konstfacks GDI program was not a success, but personally again a great experience. Besides that it is enormously time consuming it makes you think different, out of the box, to solve their tasks.

Even if being accepted is just a small amount of handpicked applicants, I would still recommend to try the creative tasks. Obviously also from different universities.

Feel free to take a look at my solutions, I will put up things under my portfolio tab and briefly go over the tasks.

  1. Visit a crowded place and illustrate your impressions in any creative way.
  2. Design three different ways of typography.
    1. A phrase which irritates me or seems meaningless
    2. Quote of a philosoph or political leader that means something to me
    3. Use a phrase that describes your favorite conspiracy theory
  3. Illustrate a strong memory in your life.
  4. Design a visual identity of your dreamorganisation

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