Hyper Islands’ creative task for 2016.

Applying for the Digital Media Creative program.


The Refumee Program

Thinking out of the box and focusing on the German/ European refugee situation.

My main goals were to solve security issues, as well as a succesfull integration for new refugees.

The enormous amount of asylum seekers hit Europe unprepared, leaving few countries with the big responsibility of care taking instead of solving the crisis united. Lost documents and fake IDs give the borders a hard time guaranteeing Europes security, also for our refugees. Currently around 30% travel through Europe without proper registration which led me to an introduction of a new way of identification.

Sharing refugees on a certain base percentage per country does not only achieve a more stable situation within Europe, but also leaves funds for a more focused and successful integration of our refugees by setting up centers for social exchange and educational lectures.

Taking part in these activities will be rewarded with points saved on a magnet chip of the card, which later can be converted to useful things, making life easier and providing motivation to keep staying on the right track.

Finding a first job, seen as the second part of successful integration can be exhausting and hopeless if not supported. Many immigrants already have a higher education but only have few chances to make a living.
Saving and publishing statistics online makes it easier for companies to get in touch with refugees.
Experienced refugees will have the opportunity to hand on their knowledge by leading and supporting Refumee centers together with their fellow comrades.