United by Design

During the application for the swedish art institution of the university of Gothenburg, I was faced with an exercise, where design should form or help to build a community.

Seeing so many ways in which design can affect us, I looked for a bigger topic and chose the current immigration “trend” as my headline.

Seeing us and the immigrants as the community I wanted to focus on, it was important to reach to both groups, but also make the people understand themselves, that the first step will be a change in their own behaviour.

I decided to solve this by creating an illustration series, in which acceptance is the main message. The images have a strong leading, but will also leave enough space for interpretation.

I used christian and muslim symbols to emphasize my message but also beacause these are the biggest representative groups.

Image 1, displays the traditional handshake, which properly has lost some of its old meaning, since its “simply a gesture”. People will shake hands without meaning it. The illustration shows both the body language and the inner process during acceptance. For example two brother who grew into different directions, but managed to get over it. Tears as a sign of relief.

Image 2 is displaying the fight between the ration thoughts and the body with its own will. You will always encounter people to dislike, but be smart and see his difference as an enrichement. The tape is the result of the inner acceptance, which prevents both mouths from sharing their hate. Of course it is possible to compare those two with bigger groups as a whole. Where small hateful parts won’t make a difference any longer.

The images should be presented at public “waiting” areas, like a buststop, at the subway station or even inside a train.